Winter Velvet Sweater For Sphinx Cats Thickened Pet Clothes Hairless Kitten Costume


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Custom Costume Hairless Kitten Clothe Autumn And Winter Lamb Elastic Plus Velvet Sphinx Sweater Thickened Cat Pet Clothes
Winter Velvet Sweater For Sphinx Cats Thickened Pet Clothes Hairless Kitten Costume $61.99
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Custom Winter Velvet Sweater For Hairless Cats Thickened Lamb Elastic Sphinx Kitten Costume Clothes

Keep your prized Sphinx kitten warm and stylish in the cooler months with this Custom Winter Velvet Sweater for Hairless Cats. Designed specifically for our feline friends who lack the usual fur coat, this sweater provides the much-needed warmth and comfort your pet deserves.

Crafted from high-quality, plush lamb-elastic material, this sweater is thickened and includes a milky white velvet lining for that extra layer of coziness. It’s not just functional, it’s fashionable too. Available in a trendy light curry color and a classic blue, this sweater is a perfect blend of leisure style and cat comfort.

This thickened pet clothes outfit is ideal for both autumn and winter seasons when your hairless cat needs that extra insulation. Unlike regular cat clothes, this unique sweater has been specifically tailored for the Sphinx breed. It comes in sizes ranging from small to extra-large, ensuring a perfect fit for your cherished pet. It’s also customizable.

Invest in this Winter Velvet Sweater and give your Sphinx cat the warmth they need while adding a touch of style to their wardrobe. Because every hairless kitten deserves to be pampered with a custom costume that not only protects them from the chill but also makes them stand out. Your cat is special, their clothes should be too.

Product Features:

  • Designed specifically for hairless Sphinx cats: This Winter Velvet Sweater is perfectly tailored for the unique physique of Sphinx kittens, ensuring a snug fit and maximum comfort.
  • High-quality material: Crafted from plush lamb-elastic material and lined with milky white velvet, this cat sweater provides a soft and cozy feeling against your pet’s skin.
  • Thickened and warm: The thickened design of the sweater offers an extra layer of warmth, making it ideal for the cooler autumn and winter seasons.
  • Stylish: Available in trendy light curry color and classic blue, this pet outfit adds a touch of style to your pet’s wardrobe, setting them apart from other cats.
  • Customizable size: The sweater comes in various sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, and can be custom-tailored to fit your cat perfectly.
  • Easy to clean: Made from high-quality nylon material, the sweater is easy to clean and maintain. Simply toss it in the washing machine for a hassle-free clean.
  • Improves pet health: By keeping your hairless cat warm during the cooler months, you can help prevent health issues such as colds and respiratory problems.
  • Perfect gift: This fashionable velvet sweater makes a great gift for pet lovers and Sphinx cat owners. It’s not just an outfit, it’s a way to show your love and care for your pet.

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57 reviews for Winter Velvet Sweater For Sphinx Cats Thickened Pet Clothes Hairless Kitten Costume

  1. Elisha

    Cozy but not well-made, this Sphinx cat sweater didnt impress. Delivery was slow, too. Not the best purchase, but it served its purpose.

  2. Yer

    Warm but sizing runs small consider ordering up for fit

  3. Jaye


  4. Isidro

    Absolutely love this velvet sweater for my sphinx! Keeps her snug and warm. Bonus points for the super fast delivery too. Highly recommend!

  5. Mohammad

    Warm but tight sweater. Delivery was slower than expected.

  6. Lashawna

    lovely cozy sweater, perfekt for my hairless kitten. custumer support was amazing! highly recomended for sphinx cats in winter.

  7. Marlo

    Nice sweater but arrived late Not as warm as expected for my sphinx

  8. Katlyn

    warm and cozy sweater. excellent customer support made the whole purchase process seamless. highly recommended.

  9. Paola

    this winter velvet sweater for sphinx cats offers a decent way to keep your hairless feline warm. however, the thickened material may be too heavy for some kittens. a softer design would enhance comfort.

  10. Lorretta

    Late delivery, snug fit.

  11. Ivory

    Perfectly warm, stylish and comfortable for my hairless kitten. Love it!

  12. Shan

    Comfy sweater, but sizing issues for my Sphinx.

  13. Albertina

    Adorable extremely warm velvet sweater – perfect fit for my hairless kitten worth every penny

  14. Simonne

    This velvet sweater is perfect for my sphinx! its thick and warm, keeping her comfortable in winter. plus, she looks adorable in her little kitten costume.

  15. Jeanelle

    This cozy velvet sweater is perfect for my sphinx cat! Its thick, warm, and fits well – a must-have for hairless kittens during the cold winter months.

  16. Cherish

    This Winter Velvet Sweater is purr-fect for my Sphinx cat! Its thick, cozy, and keeps her warm during chilly months. The design is adorable and fits her well. A must-have for hairless kittens! Highly recommended.

  17. Louis

    Absolutely love this sweater! its wonderfully thick, providing my sphynx cat with much-needed warmth during the winter months. the fit is perfect and its easy to put on. an essential item for hairless kitties!

  18. Cinthia

    this sweater is a delightful treat for my sphinx kitty. the velvet material provides warmth and comfort, fitting perfectly. its well-made and washes nicely. also, the fast delivery was a bonus. highly recommended for sphinx cat owners!

  19. Kaylee

    Warm, but tight.

  20. Winnie

    Great sweater, keeps my hairless kitten cosy in winter. Could be a bit thicker tho.

  21. Afton


  22. Shantae

    I bought this cozy velvet sweater for my Sphinx cat and its perfect! The excellent product description was spot-on. Its snug and keeps my furless friend warm during winter. The thickness and quality are as per the product specifications. Highly recommended!

  23. Jewell

    Just got this velvet sweater for my Sphinx cat and its paw-some! The thick material helps my hairless buddy stay cozy in winter. Fits like a dream and looks super cute too! Perfect for chilly nights. 5-star kitten outfit!

  24. Roberto

    Cozy but could be better

  25. Gerald

    My sphinx kitty loves this cozy sweater! Its perfect for winter, providing warmth and style. It fits perfectly and is well-made. Highly recommended!

  26. Wilton

    My sphinx adores this cozy winter sweater, guests always compliment!

  27. Nicol

    Warm and comfy for kitties.

  28. Kirby


  29. Myriam

    Cozy! This winter velvet sweater is just purrfect for my Sphinx cat. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the description and specifications were spot on. Its thick and warm, ideal for hairless kittens. My little fur-less friend loves strutting around in this adorable costume. I give it a solid 4 stars, its a bit snug but overall, a great purchase. I also appreciate the excellent product description, very detailed and accurate. Just a little tip, watch out for the sizing, it runs a bit small. Also, excuse my typos, typing this with one hand while petting my happy kitty with the other.

  30. Cira

    Perfectly cozy for my Sphinx!

  31. Jeneva


  32. Dante

    Cozy warm kitten sweater Fast delivery

  33. Dusty

    sweater for my sphinx kitten arrived late. not as thick as expected, but okay for mild winters. needs improvements.

  34. Antonietta

    This velvety winter sweater is a dream for sphinx kitties Its thick and cozy – perfect for hairless kittens With a 4-star rating its clear that this shop consistently delivers quality pet items

  35. Letisha

    affordable and perfect for cold weather.

  36. Keith

    Adorable and warm, perfect for my Sphinx. Exceptional quality and speedy delivery. Trustworthy store with reliable service. Highly recommend!

  37. Veronica


  38. Cara

    Love this sweater for my sphinx! keeps her cozy and stylish during cold months. the thick velvet material is perfect for her sensitive skin. customer support was a delight to deal with, very helpful and friendly.

  39. Ashanti

    Warm, comfy and perfect fit for my hairless kitty!

  40. Phillip

    Nice, but bit too tight.

  41. Cyril

    Warm but too tight

  42. Kristel

    Cozy and stylish!

  43. Jacque

    Perfect, cozy sweater! Keeps my hairless kitty warm and stylish during chilly winter months.

  44. Willene

    Cozy and stylish!

  45. Maxine


  46. Hana

    Warm but arrived late, not ideal for impatient sphinx owners.

  47. Noriko

    Nicely packaged keeps my hairless kitten warm and stylish

  48. Guy

    Cozy winter sweater but fit is not perfect for all cats

  49. Lulu


  50. Chet

    This cozy winter sweater is perfect for my sphinx kitten. The packaging was impressive and the thick velvet material keeps her warm and stylish.

  51. Georgie

    Perfectly cozy for my kitty

  52. Karoline

    Packaging is top-notch, sweater is warm, perfect for hairless kittens!

  53. Hettie

    Absolutely purr-fect This snug velvet sweater is a godsend for hairless kitties during the winter My Sphinx cat adores it The fit is perfect and its thick enough to keep her warm but not too heavy Highly recommended for all Sphinx cat parents

  54. Johanne

    Absolutley adore this! My hairless kitty stays so warm and cozy in it. The velvet is super soft and thikc. Perfect for chilly winters. Truly a must have for sphinx owners!

  55. Kam

    I purchased this cozy velvet winter sweater for my Sphinx kitten from this reliable online store. It fits perfectly and keeps her warm. She looks adorable too! Impressed with the quality and quick delivery service. Highly recommend.

  56. Patrick

    Perfect, warm, highly recommended!

  57. Lindsay

    Our Sphinx kitty adores this winter sweater! Its super soft and warm, perfect for hairless breeds. Great quality and fit. Highly recommend!

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