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Cats are our furry best friends. Everyone loves cats and like every other animal on this earth, they deserve the best care. But nowadays it’s very difficult to choose where you should get the best products for your cat(s). This should be an easy task for everyone worldwide and more important, it should also be affordable for everyone.

CatsPros was found by me and my sister. We grew up on a farm, where we always had cats around and inside the house. Almost every week we were looking for new toys for our cats, so they wouldn’t get bored and had enough challenge. But finding good products for an affordable price is not easy. Then we started thinking, why not start our own webshop. So that’s what we did and how CatsPros was created.

Here at CatsPros, we sell all the best cat products that you need to take care of your furry cat friend. We offer an affordable price for everyone, good service, and high quality products. Some of our best-selling products are Flea & Tick Prevention Collars, ceramic water fountains, cat costumes, cute cat accessories, cat puzzle boxes, portable cat backpacks, and much more.

So if you are looking for the best, cute cat products, then CatsPros is the place to be.
If you have any questions about our products or service, please contact us via e-mail.



We’re continually working on our online store and are open to any suggestions. If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thalpy B.V.
Blankenstein 132
7943 PE Meppel
The Netherlands

E-mail: support@catspros.com

CatsPros.com is an official trade name of Thalpy B.V.

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