Pet Cat Feeder Slow Eating Bowl 15 Degrees Incline Removable Drinking Feeding Water For Spine Protection

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Product Details
Bullet Points:
1、Safe Material: The cat bowl is made of high-quality PP base and environment friendly food-grade plastic AS, which is safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and odorless.
2、Spine Protection: The base is heightened, and it is tilted 15°back and forth to provide a more comfortable eating angle for pets and protect the pet’s cervical spine.
3、Slow Food Intake: The slow eating bowl can avoid pets’ digestive tract diseases caused by eating too fast, and protect the pet’s gastrointestinal health.
4、Versatile Use: The slow eating bowl is suitable for wet food (canned food) and pets dry food, which is a multifunctional food and water bowl.
5、Simple Disassembly: The disassembly can be completed easily, making cleaning more worry-free and convenient.

Color: white
Material: PP base and AS bowl
Product size: about 18 * 9.5 * 5.5CM/7.09*3.74*2.17in
Packing size: about 18 * 6 * 18CM/7.09*2.36*7.09in
Weight: about 184g
Packaging: color box packaging

Packing List:
1 * Pet Bowl

Item Specifics

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