Heating Pet Water Bowl Outdoor Thermal With Anti-bite Resistant Cable Automatic Warm Food Tray For Dog Cat

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Product Details

Heating Pet Water Bowl Outdoor Thermal Bowl With Anti-Bite Resistant Cable Automatic Warm Food Tray For Dog Cat

Bullet Points:

1、Perfect Winter Heating Bowl: Even if the temperature is below zero, the heating bowl can be kept warm throughout the winter, automatically maintaining the temperature between 36-43 degrees Celsius. The bowl can prevent the water from freezing, which is very suitable for cute pets in cold winters to drink hot water.
2、Safety Design: The bowl is made of waterproof, fireproof and bite-proof materials, and the wires are covered with copper. The multiple safety design ensures pet safe and easy to clean the bowl.
3、Energy Saving: The waterproof ON or OFF switch with indicator light and water filling warning level marked inside the bowl are for reference, avoiding filling up with water.
4、Quality Guaranteed: Our heating bowl has undergone rigorous testing. CE, FCC, and Robs certificates guarantee quality and provide warm water for pets without worries.
5、Suitable Pets: Size: 23.5 * 8CM, power: 35 watts. The maximum capacity is 2.2 liters (780Z), so the heating pet bowl is suitable for any animal that needs water, such as chicken, duck, cat, bird, rabbit or other small animals.

How to use:
1. Insert the plug into a power outlet that has passed the safety test.
2. Press the switch on the front of the heating bowl to the “on” position. The switch will light up. When the power is on, no further measures are required. Your heating bowl will automatically adjust the temperature to a temperature of 36 to 43 degrees Celsius to maintain the temperature.

Safety Instructions:
1. Read all the instructions before using this product
2. Do not use it near other heat sources, do not use it on wet ground or snow.
3. For pets only, not for human use.
4. Do not use if there is obvious damage (crack, tear or blistering).
5. Don’t use a rope as a handle.
6. Unplug when not in use.
7. Do not use if there is no water in the heating bowl.
8. Do not immerse the heated bowl in water.

Material: ABS
Color: army green
Product size: about 23.5*8CM/9.25*3.15in
Weight: about 830G
Packaging size: about 23.5*24*12CM/9.25*9.45*4.72in
Constant temperature: 36-43 degrees Celsius
Capacity: 2.2L (780Z)
Power: 35 watts
Packing: carton

Packing List:

1 * Pet Heating Bowl

Item Specifics

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