2022 Pet Bluetooth Anti-lost Device For Cats And Dogs Smart Alarm Two-way Positioning Localizador Gps Perro

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Product Details

Material: ABS + electronic components
Product weight: 7.77g
Wearing method: lanyard
Product size: 37mm*37mm*8mm
?Instructions for use?
This anti-lost device is a product based on Bluetooth 5.0 low power consumption. Through the mobile phone APP software, the user’s easy-to-lost items (such as keys, handbags, etc.) are bundled together to prevent the items from being lost; you can even hang the anti-lost device on the child to ensure that the child is by your side. Right in front of your eyes; or hanging on your pets, you don’t have to worry about them getting lost.
1. Switch on and off
Power on: After long press for about 3 seconds, there will be three beeps, the indicator light will flash for 10 seconds, and it will continue to flash for 30 seconds every 2 seconds when there is no connection or key operation, and then turn off.
Power off: Press and hold for about 3 seconds, a long beep will sound, and the indicator light will go out.
2. Add device
Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, enter the APP to skip the startup interface, and directly enter the “Add Device” interface. After connecting, click the alarm icon, you can hear the alarm sound of the anti-lost device, and you can search for the anti-lost device. The “didi” sound can be used for continuous calls. If you click the alarm clock icon again, the sound will stop.
3. Take a picture: use the camera function, click the anti-lost device to realize the camera function.
4. Positioning: The positioning function can only keep the disconnected position when the anti-lost device is disconnected from the mobile phone. The position record can be found in the “lost record”. To use this feature, you need to turn on GPS and keep your phone connected to the Internet.

Q: What material is this pet product made of?
A: The material is ABS + electronic components, which is safe, non-toxic and harmless.
Q: What pets are suitable for?
A: Suitable for all types of pets.
Q: Where is it produced?
A: Made in China.

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