2 In 1 Pet Cat Dog Feeder Fountain Bubble Automatic Cats Water Large Drinking Bowl For Pets Dispenser

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Product Details

Product Description:
Item Type:Pet Automatic Feeder / Water Feeder
colour:pink blue
Size:Pull-out base diameter 47cm / 18.50 “, 23cm / 9.05” high, drinking fountain diameter 14cm / 5.51 “, 7.5cm / 2.95” high, feeder diameter 13cm / 5.11 “, 4cm / 1.57”

1. The upper and lower split design can change the direction according to preferences. The double bowl upper and lower split design can change the double bowl side, and can also be used separately or stacked, suitable for pets to eat a variety of eating habits;
2. Moisture-proof mouth partition, enjoy the satisfaction of drinking water, avoid pets from staining their mouth hair when drinking water
A water hole is reserved in the middle of the partition to prevent dust and other water from being contaminated, and water is no longer changed every day;
3. Automatic water replenishment during the whole process is more worry-free. The delicate design of the component puts on the water polo to start automatic water replenishment. The siphon principle guarantees the water level and reduces the trouble of changing water every day;
4. In the details, there is a more thoughtful active push switch. The water in the ball will not flow when changing water. Replace the convenient push switch. The knob-type snap point combination will close when rotated. The installation is firm and not easy to knock.
Note: The stainless steel bowl in the picture needs to be purchased by yourself, the product does not include stainless steel bowl

Package Include:
1 x Pet wasser spender

Item Specifics
With Water Dispenser:
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Time Setting:
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