1 5l Pet Cat Bowls Floating Not Wetting Mouth Bowl No Spill Drinking Water Feeder Plastic Portable Dog T3

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Product Details

Water Volume control Water
Bowl Stop Dog From Drinking Fast And Vomiting


  • The Water
    Bowl was designed with your dog in mind. A floating board sits top of the
    water and dispenses slowly that way your dog can drink slowly and enjoy it.
    Often dogs drink to fast and vomit that is now a thing of the past.

  • Say
    good-bye to your traditional water bowls that make a mess everywhere. No
    more wet after finishing drinking.

  • It will
    dispense enough water for your dog to drink and lot get his mouth wet.

  • It’s wide
    enough for all types of dogs. It allows them to drink from any angle to keep
    them comfortable. The water bowl is completely detachable and easy to clean.
    It’s even dishwasher safe. The water ring is detachable and very important
    to clean so bacteria doesn’t accumulate under it.

  • The
    anti-slip mats on the bottom of the bowl prevent it from sliding, being
    knocked. It also allows you to bring it on car rides with you. Now you can take it on trips or in
    the car for a ride and keep your dog hydrated.

  • It’s a
    unique design and floating board elevates water slowly into the bowl. As
    your dog drinks the water level decreases and the board drops which allows
    more water to surface. This is great for dogs that drink fast which is not
    good for digestion reasons. It also prevents them from having a wet mouth
    which can cause bacteria around the mouth.

  • Dimensions 8.8 x 7.2 x 2 in, 1.5L in total.

  • What do you hesitate to do?

Package Content:

  • 1
    x Water Bowl

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