Xiaomi Automatic Pet Feeder Drinking Fountain Cat Water Dispenser Dog Food Auto Large

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Product Details

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Please note before purchase

*This product belongs to the Xiaomi product ecological chain, which is produced by other factories. There is no “Mi” logo on the packaging and products.Quality is also guaranteed.

*There are two options, one is water feeder and the food feeder. Please choose according to the actual needs.

Selling points:

When you go to work or go out and your pet is hungry, you can eat by yourself through the automatic feeding / water feeder. Make you feel more at ease.

-Designed for pets, it can store about 3.8L water / 2.1kg dry pet food.
-It covers an area of 0.045 square meters, smaller than A4 paper.
-Detachable design, easy to clean.
-Environmentally friendly PP resin material, safe and odorless.
-The water feeder adopts the siphon principle to automatically renew water.
-Food feeder adopts gravity feeding system, which can automatically supplement pet feed to the base.
-The top cover of the food feeder can be removed to supplement food anytime and anywhere.
-Opaque design, food need to avoid direct sunlight, prolong storage time, pet is healthier.


Brand: Maoqiuxinren
Product Name: Maoqiuxinren water / food feeder
Material: Environmental PP resin
Capacity: 3.8L
Used by: Cat and Dog
Auto Food Feeder 15.2 * 29.9 * 28.3cm Weight About 497g
Auto Water Feeder 15.2 * 29.2 * 27.5cm Weight 398g

Item Specifics
Brand Name:
Used by:
Cat and Dog
Auto Food Feeder:
15.2 * 29.9 * 28.3cm Weight About 497g
Auto Water Feeder:
15.2 * 29.2 * 27.5cm Weight 398g

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