Stainless Steel Dog Cat Bowl Elevated Pet Feeder Raised Food And Water Bowls Heating Cooling For Cats Dogs

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Product Details
Bullet Points:
1、Natural Temperature Control: Use cold water or hot water to change the temperature of the food so that the temperature can be properly controlled at any time. Insulate the hot water in winter and cool down in the summer.
2、Nutrition and Health: The pet feeder only changes the temperature of the food without changing the nutrition of the food.
3、Safe and Energy-saving: No need to plug in, no extra electricity bills and no risk of electric shock. The bottom is anti-slip, increasing the weight of the bowl by adding water, so that the bowl is not easy to be knocked over.
4、Easy to Clean: The stainless steel bowl can be separated from the base, so it is easy to clean and can prevent bacterial growth.
5、Product Size: Small single bowl (18.65 * 16.3 * 8.2cm), small double bowl (32.6 * 16.3 * 8.2cm). Note: not be heated in the microwave.

Material: ABS and stainless steel
Size(about): small single bowl (18.65 * 16.3 * 8.2cm/7.34*6.42*3.23in), small double bowl (32.6 * 16.3 * 8.2cm/12.83*6.42*3.23in)
Weight(about): small single bowl: 315G; small double bowl: 645G
Packing: carton

Packing List:
Pet Feeder*1

1. In order to avoid pet burns, please do not add boiling water directly.
2. This pet feeder can not be directly heated by microwave.
3. Water injection temperature is recommended: 0-40 degrees Celsius.

4. In order to balance the internal and external air pressure, the air seat edge is not sealed. There is an overflow phenomenon when adding water, which is not a quality problem.

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