Large Capacity Cat Bowl Pet Ceramic Slow Food Bowls Utensils Automatic Feeder For

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Large Capacity Cat Bowl Pet Ceramic Slow Food Bowls Utensils Cat Automatic Feeder For Pet Cat Food Bowls

Bullet Points:

1、Prevent Whisker Fatigue: This ceramic light cat food tray/water bowl is whisker friendly. Its low-profile design reduces beard pressure and keeps the face clean after a meal.
2、Comfortable Meal for Better Life: The shallow design and the real touch make the cat’s tongue comfortable and enjoy the food. The curved surface helps to complete the food more easily. There was no more frustration because the food in the corner was stuck.
3、Easy to Use and Clean: The handles help you pick up dishes easily. Do not absorb the same smell as a plastic plate, super easy to clean.
4、Proportional Design: Proportional design of the basin mouth. It is not easy to drop food when pet eating.
5、Natural Color: The color is natural and bright, and the drinking fountain is very feathery.

Specifications (approx.):
Name: Cutce Cat Food Bowl
Material: ceramic
Size: 12*10*10cm/4.72*3.94*3.94in
Packing: box
Color: white, blue, pink
Weight: 800g
Uses: for cats, small pets to eat water and drinking utensils.
Features: large capacity, the design of the bowl mouth makes the mistakes not easy to fall.

Packing List:

1* Pet ceramic bowl

Item Specifics

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