Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Box Oversized Deodorant Toilet Internet Celebrity Drawer Poop Basin Anti-sand Anti-splash

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Product Details
Fully Closed Cat Litter Box Automatic Foldable Cat Toilet Sandbox Top Entry Cat Restroom Bedpan Large Toilet for Cats with Tray

Name:cat litter box
Material: Plastic
Color : pink/blue/gray
1. The cat can enter through the front door and jump out of the top exit, so the cat leaves the cat toilet through the top opening, so the fallen cat litter will fall into the toilet again. It is also easy to clean the cat’s sanitary sand; follow the cat’s natural beating and train it to make it more interesting.
2. Spacious interior space and wide swing doors provide enough space-even for the largest cats.
3. It can be automatically folded, easy to disassemble, the cat litter box is assembled from multiple parts, which is easy to disassemble and clean and keep it clean!
4. There is a tray drawer attached to the bottom of the litter box, which can be stretched and extended, which is very convenient for cleaning the cat poop.
5. The cat litter shovel is included, and there is a separate position for hanging the cat litter shovel, which can easily handle cat poop
6. Your cat can enter or leave the very bright toilet playfully, and you can check the status of the cat litter with a quick glance.
Package contains:
1xCat litter box
1xCat litter shovel

Item Specifics
Totally Closed
Pet toilet type:

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