Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Box Large Anti-spatter Drawer Top Into Toilet Deodorization Extra Oversized

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  • 1. Drawer-type double-door cat litter box, bottom-in and top-out anti-belt cat litter
  • 2. The convex ball sand leakage pedal and the residual sand between the toes are not spared
  • 3. It is easy to clean with one pumping and shovel
  • 4. The semi-closed design not only prevents cat litter from splashing out and reduces odor, but also does not have to worry about the accumulation of odor in the basin and the breeding of bacteria, which
  • will cause cats to refuse to use it and infect bacteria.
  • 5. Rear hook and cat litter shovel are easy to use
  • 6. Anti-slip buckle design to prevent the cat from moving too much and the drawer from loosening
  • 7. Arc design, bottom arc design, save cat litter

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