Cat Litter Shovel Two-in-one Disposable Portable Large Capacity Cleaning 2022

Cat Litter Shovel Two-in-one Disposable Portable Large Capacity Cleaning 2022

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Product Details
Item Specifics
Product Details

Product name: Integrated cat litter shovel

Product color: gray
Product material: PP
Product size: 20*12*29cm
Installation instructions
1. Remove the small lid of the trash bin at the bottom 2. Put it in the small groove 3. Put it in the trash bag and buckle the buckle 4. Turn the trash can to open the trash bag and put it on the mouth of the bin 5. Put the cat litter shovel and the trash Tighten the bins together 6. Pour the shoveled cat litter into the trash bin diagonally 7. Unscrew the cat litter shovel and take out the trash bag containing cat litter 8. Tear off the trash bag containing cat litter.

Integrated cat litter scoop

Convenient for pet owners’ lives, convenient and good helper


Meet all needs, shovel shit storage in one step
Hollow shovel, convenient for shoveling excrement, comfortable handle, unique design, convenient storage, exquisite appearance

Has a big shovel

Hollow a large area, it is more convenient to shovel shit

Easy to use, convenient and fast

One shovel can easily solve pet hygiene

Comfortable handle

Scientific length, solid handle, non-slip and wear-resistant

unique design

Integrated design, convenient and practical

Built-in trash can

Built-in trash can, easy to clean, labor-saving and faster

High-value cat litter shovel

One-piece shape, exquisite design, smooth and unique shape

Made with heart, details slowly

The details are exquisite and easy to use
Made with heart, upgrade the experience
Lock design
The shovel is more stable
Has a garbage bag
More convenient and practical

Item Specifics
Set Type:
Model Number:
product name:
2-in-1 cat litter shovel
Two in one is convenient, clean and fast
Apply to:
Litter box, cat cleaning

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