4l Automatic Pet Feeder Cat Smart Wifi Video Remote Timing With Camera Dog Food Dispenser Feeding Bowl

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Bullet Points:
1,High-featured Pet Automatic Feeder: Remote feeding, real-time video, 10s recording, timed distribution and other functions, when you work, go out and vacation, you will not worry about your pet being hungry.
2,WiiFi Connection, Live Video and Voice Interaction: Auto Pet Feeder supports IOS / Android. Quickly connect WIFI, 2 million HD images, clearly observe your pet, built-in HD speakers, remotely interact with pets, and also record 10s.
3,Guarantee the Health of Pets: 4L large capacity, can be programmed 1-4 times a day, up to 10 copies each time, ±6g per serving, to prevent pets from overeating, control weight and maintain a healthy life.
4,Practical Design: Removable food tray, visualized grain barrel, built-in moisture-proof bactericidal activated carbon package, can effectively reduce the deterioration and mildew caused by food storage for too long, practical.
5,Dual Power Supply System: Dual power supply, power failure automatically start battery power only needs three sections of the first battery, it can work normally, not afraid of pets starving.

Colors: White, black
Style: video screen and WiFi models
Capacity: 4L
Material: food grade ABS material
Food: dry food, about 2-12mm/0.08-0.47in in diameter
Storage: Maximum support for 64G memory card
Standby power consumption: 5V/120UA, 0.6W
Certification: CE, FCC, ROSH

1. Recording function: support recording 10 seconds voice
2. Voice interaction: built-in high-definition speakers, can interact with pets remotely
3. Real-time video: 2 million HD images Pixels 1920*1080
4. Mobile phone remote feeding: mobile phone control, manual feeding 1~10 copies each time
5. Feeding setting: 1-4 times/day for regular feeding, up to 10 servings each time, ±6g per serving
6. High quality motor, service life is 2000 hours, rated voltage 5V
7. Dual power supply system: power adapter priority / 3 sections of the first battery
No power outage: backup battery design, broken network and continuous power
8. Removable food tray, visualize the grain bucket for easy cleaning
9. Built-in moisture-proof bactericidal activated carbon package can effectively reduce the deterioration and mildew caused by food storage for too long.

Packing List:
1*Pet feeder

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With Water Dispenser:
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Food Grade ABS Material
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