21 Inch Airline Portable Pet Carrier Dog Backpacks Slings Shoulder Bag For Carrying Cat Large Animals Car Soft Cage

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Size:Length 50cm,Width 25cm,Height 30cm

Color:Blue,Army green,Rpse-pink

Large capacity, suitable for medium and large sized dogs

* high quality thick nylon ribbon

* stress position have a strong reinforcement

* on both sides of the steel ring is not easy to deformation

* have long shoulder strap, adjustable length, and is equipped with a shoulder

* at the top of the zipper mesh window, mesh window can roll fixed not procrastination, available for pet discrepancy and outcrops

* large net in front of the window, make sure the air circulation, and is equipped with a curtain, to protect privacy

* envelope type floor set, can tear open come out clean

* pet cage, leisure folding when receive, does not occupy a space

* for the car, supplement the car seat belt fixed

* has four at the bottom of the rubber pad, increase the friction at the bottom of the bag already, also protect the bottom of the bag is not easy to dirty

* USES high-grade polyester fabric, light and durable

* USES high-grade alloy components, dint strong and difficult to oxidation

* two portable tape on the mat, can connect two tape, also can alleviate the pressure of the bearing, promote the comfortable handbag

* big pocket on the right place with small items, and have special small pocket phone

* fabrics with everyone’s favorite coarse grain twin polyester adhesive canvas, with natural luster, not only beautiful and durable, no peculiar smell, the waterproof performance is good.

* at the top of the bag can be fully revealed, through two zippers and a switch to control the opening and closing lock

* cover at the top of the bag there is a widespread network window to keep the air circulation

* at the top of the bag can cover half, can let the baby put her out

* side side is below 2 layer, outer cover can, let a person can’t see the inside, also can be rolled up, let the cool air circulation

* bag there are safety buckle, can check on the baby’s collar, avoid jump out and acceleration

* wrapped with detachable and hard ground mat, consists of two layers, the upper is rugs, four corners are hard rubber belt fixed in the lower floor, easy unpick and wash

* at the bottom of the bag with shackles, not easy dirty bags

* all metal parts, including brand, air holes, zipper head, dog buckle, mushrooms nails, shoulder belt buckle, buckle and pull core buckle adopts special senior durable qing ancient hardware components

* cotton tape material, no burr, not hand, does not hurt the clothing, environmental protection and durable

* hand WanDai on both sides with cotton rope, improve the handle and beauty, and can be folded, have wrapped in a piece of cloth, can alleviate the fatigue of the long bag

* internal for the leopard print nylon, good resistance to dirty cleaning

On both sides before and after the * bags are two big pockets, can put other items

* in addition to the laptop back and side, bags as well as a detachable and adjustable shoulder straps, the length of the used for inclined back

* long shoulder with shoulder, can relieve shoulder the pressure

* bags have cotton rope around arm in arm, help to relieve fatigue by bag change posture

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